Royal opening of the exhibitions Constructions and Paradigm at Mimara Museum, Zagreb 12.05.2011 20. May 2011

Travelling Exhibitions opened in Croatia by Queen Sonja. The exhibition Paradigm opened at Mimara Museum in Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia. Initiated by Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the exhibition is curated by Lars Sture and produced by the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts.

Paradigm consists of works by 18 Norwegian artists working in glass, ceramics and metals: Ulla-Mari Brantenberg, Vidar Koksvik, Karen Klim, David Calder, Linnea Calder, Pål Vigeland, Heidi Sand, Leif Stangebye- Nielsen, Liv Midbøe, Marit Tingleff, Svein Thingnes, Sidsel Hanum, Tove Lise Røkke Olsen, Tulla Elieson, Jens Erland, Ruta Pakarklyte, Gunnar Thorsen and Irene Nordli.

Paradigm is a new production and opened along side another travelling exhibition called Constructions, which is also initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts. Constructions has been travelling since 2008 and was curated by Edith Lundebrekke. The artists participating in Constructions include Astri Løvaas & Kirsten Wagle, Inger Johanne Rasmussen, Frank Schmidt, Anne Lene Løvhaug ,Inger Blix Kvammen, Aslaug Juliussen, Marit Akslen, Liv Blåvarp, Kristin Sæterdal, Erlend Leirdal, Håvard Larsen, Anne Kvam, Ingrid Larssen and Anne Gry Løland.

Speech by Her Majesty The Queen at the opening of the exhibitions Constructions and Paradigm

Her Majesty The Queen gives a speech at the opening of the exhibitions Constructions and Paradigm

Queen Sonja is given a tour in the exhibition by the curators.

Queen Sonja and The First Lady of Croatia listening to my presentation of the work “White Dress”, made of shirt collars buttoned together, by Marit Akslen.

View of the exhibition space at Mimara Museum. Right foreground; “After the storm”, wooden sculpture by Erlend Leirdal

In the foreground: Blue Flower, ceramic dish by Marit Tingleff

AntlerChain by Aslaug Juliussen

Left foreground, Ceramic “Beautybags” by Tovelise Røkke-Olsen

“Work in Progress” 7 ceramic objects by Liv Midtbøe

On the wall: “Constelleation with Square I, ceramic, by Jens Erland

Curators Edith Lundebrekke and Lars Sture